Monkey Fist Concrete Lifting System


Monkey Fist is a new patented device, designed and engineered for quickly removing pre -sawn concrete and for slabs on grade, without using a jack hammer. Ideal for removing sections of concrete without spalling or chipping the edges of the remaining adjacent concrete slab.

Monkey Fist has many other applications, and it is reusable as well! Simply core drill a 52mm diameter hole.

Monkey Fist has a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 2.950 tonnes. Depending on the application, one, two or more anchors can be used. Insert the Monkey Fist into the pre-drilled holes and lift the slab or concrete element out. To recover the Monkey Fist, just lift the release handle, remove and re-use.

  • Monkey Fist demo
  • Monkey Fist 2
  • Monkey Fist 3