Concrete Drilling Equipment

AGP Concrete Equipment

At AGP quality is our prime focus. We at AGP define excellence as consistently performing at an outstanding level.

It means not only being the best that we can be, but also being better relative to our competitors.

Our goal is for end users to find that our tools perform and last beyond expectations and beyond any competing brand’s.

With each new model, we reference the existing leading product on the market, and ensure that our tool is superior.


Wet & dry diamond core drill

The DM160 is built as a heavy duty wet or dry diamond core drill.

It is made to be easily converted from wet to dry use by removing the water seal mounted at the front of the gear box.

The 3 speed gear box provides the ideal cutting speed and maximum torque. The slip clutch and electronic overload protection provide safe, hassle free drilling.

agp core drill

Rig Mounted Core Drill

Whether hand held or rig mounted the AGP Diamond Core Drilling line is specifically designed to match and exceed the demands of professionals. At the heart of these machines is a purpose designed motor made to have the ideal characteristics for a diamond core drill application.. They are plenty powerful, but the emphasis is more on bullet-proof durability, even under challenging loads. Great pains were taken by our motor design team engineers to come up with the perfect combination of high output and cool running.

The motor overload protection is made to be the most effective and unobtrusive you have ever used. No long waiting needed.

The 3 speed mechanical gearbox is made to give the best torque for a range of sizes and aggregates. The front seal is quick replaceable without the need to remove the gearbox. Added convenience with the 45 degree tilt and built in bubble levels.

The total design is built to give the best rigidity while at the same time having exceptionally low weight.